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"Wolong 吟 2" starts to return to life for a long time with Raiders

real teen faith real teen faith

"Wolong 吟 2" game, life is dead, the lasting lineup is on the top of super milk, so how do you match? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the Wolong 2 to return to life, and there is not to miss it.

"Wolong 吟 2" starts to return to life for a long time with Raiders

This lineup mainly relies on super milk to continue to return to blood, keeping a long-lasting effect.

Recommended lineup:

Hua Wei, Guo Jia, Huang Yueying, Cao Zhi, Liu Table

Paramond analysis:

The most important thing in this lineup is Hua Wei. He is a continuous, and each round can guarantee it to return to you. Yellow mercy is also. There are two continuous treatments, plus Liu Taw treatment, this lineup is very unfair, as long as it is not killed by seconds.

Recommended formation: 行阵

The reason why the choice of the policy is very simple, and the 5 martial arts will be a policy of attacking martial arts, and the increase in the treatment is also increased, which is very cost-effective.

And because the treatment is very high, as long as it is not killed by seconds, it is relatively, and it does not need to pursue defense against defense. Of course, if you encounter the case of second, it is still necessary for the main public to adjust according to the union policy.

Recommended forces:

Regarding the choice of the arms, except for the necessary flag drums to everyone, because of the choice of attack, there is no defense bonus, then try to choose the defense slightly higher, and taking into account the attack attribute. Equipment refining

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