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Free birthday eight-character calculation marriage matching is not able to get married

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It is also a traditional custom who is a lot of traditional customs until modern times. Today, it is basically reserved for some rural areas. If the two people have the eight characters of the parents or children, there is no impact on the marriage, all of them are most concerned. problem. People are very concerned about whether or not the marriage is equally, this is related to the development of husband and wife.

Free birthday marriage matching three methods

Belonging: The eight characters of both men and women are generally determined by the relationship between the middle age. If the year is the same, the case is not suitable for marriage.

Circumn: This is the two words in the birth of the birth of two people in both men and women. To determine the high low marriage matching of the two. If the year is the day and the earth can be combined, representing marriage is Geely, it is not suitable.

Four column marriage law: Take the birth of two people in men and women to arrange, the year column and the year column, the moon column and the moon column, the day post, the day column, the time column and the time column.

Why do you want?

The so-called eight words is to match the eight characters of men and women, whether the five elements between the two sides are harmonious, the Universiade in the two sides, and there is no serious badness and obstruction of the two sides. The marriage life of the two is good. The words of the words areIn order to know if the marriage is matching, is life better?. If it is married, you will go to find someone who is equipped with your eight characters. This can be solved in advance in the marriage in advance, thereby improving the quality of marriage and maintaining the stability of society.

Eight characters can not be married

Can't, the album on the gas field.For example, some people have eight characters of five elements of fire. Some people are five lines of gold weak. This gas field is inconsistent, causing the water and fire to be incompatible, the two meet, they will behave very uncomfortable, For example, if you don't speculate, you can look at the cold field. The same gram on the soul. It is not to understand the other's mind, ambition, will, etc. Do things on the same. It is not the same, and the point of view cannot be unified. Character in character. In fact, this kind of phase is inherently inconsistencies on the gas field.