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Love, no more love, love, 啰 啰 啰 生

real teen faith real teen faith

I believe everyone has experienced the experience of others, no matter what, if you really make sure you like each other and don't want to miss each other, you must bravely pursue, because you don't leave God, you will go with others, and there is a very Interesting phenomenon is that the other party is simply an iceberg before determining the relationship. After in love, it is more than who's words. I don't know what zodiac has such a situation in 12 Zodiac?

Mouse: Dragon Emotional people usually give people the feeling of people is very crucified, so those who are moving with mice are very miserable because you face a piece of ice, I don't care about you, but the ice is always melted. When you are finally successful, you will have a true feelings of you, they will become very speechless, 啰 啰 啰 啰 啰 你 说 说 说a lot of.

Snake: Trust you is a snake man to extreme lack of security, they are hard to open your heart, even friends have to consider for a long time, because they are suspicious, always think that others are close to themselves, actually no Those who take the initiative to approach them just want to warm them, the same, there are not many snakes before falling, but they become 啰 after love, this is trust you.

Sheep: I can't hide the character of the sheep, my child is a little child. How is the child? The child is like a person, I can't let the world know, my heart is only a person in my heart, in love Before you don't deserve too much, when you love, they can't help everything you happen every day, because they can't hide you.

It is a chicken: not good words, the chicken people are not good, they are all kinds of style, but they also want to change themselves. After in love, they will be a lot of words. You sometimes feel very cute, sometimes it is obsessed with him, in fact, they just want to love you more, they don't tell you a lot of words.