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"WeChat" March 1 business collection code fee

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Recently, there are many merchants who use WeChat payment to pay more attention to the new regulations of WeChat March 1. I don't know if it is necessary to pay more. How much is the payment fee for WeChat online payment code? WeChat March 1 business payment code still deductible? The following small series brings a detailed introduction to everyone, let's take a look!

How much is the payment fee for WeChat online payment code?

1, WeChat to the merchantThe unified rate is 0.6%. If the service provider expansion agent is opened, the rate can be applied to 0.38% -0.3%, which is half the standard rate.

2, in addition to WeChat paymentProvide 0.38% -0.6% rate adjustment permission to service providersTo help service providers quickly open up the market. Due to recent policy adjustments, service providers are promoting 0.38% of business code to quickly account to help small micro enterprises complete the replacement of merchant code.

3. In addition, WeChat business payment code supports credit card payment. This is a function of personal code, and the receivable is directly entering the bank card, no withdrawal fee. There are also marketing functions such as coupon configuration, and these features are free. It is a great help for the business marketing operations.

WeChat collection code rate 0.38 how to apply?

1, open WeChat, search the public number

2. Enter the public number dialog page to select WeChat collection small micro commercial household application

3. Register to become a WeChat service provider expansion,Open the development of the background and choose to expand your merchant in the microcope "WeChat Collection Service Business Assistant"

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