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"Wolong 2" war horse exclusive anti-skill choice recommended

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"Wolong 吟 2" game in the game Horse has its own exclusive skills, many players don't know how to choose, then today Xiaobian will introduce the Wolong 吟 2-Way Hummer exclusive anti-technology choice recommended, don't miss it.

"Wolong 2" war horse exclusive anti-skill choice recommended

In addition to the quality, the horse is also divided. Different varieties of war horses, their exclusive war skills. For example, all the war horses named Ringer, they all have "full attack to increase 12%, lasting 2 rounds", and the horse named Shary Fei is "the exclusive battle skill is" 10% of the monomeric injury Skill damage.

God's war horse is divided into exclusive war horses and universal war horses, exclusive war skills, only the corresponding exclusive military commander will take effect, such as Liu Bei's exclusive war horse Lu, only Liu Bei equipment can get its exclusive anti-technology effect; The war horse will be equipped with the exclusive power technology.

The exclusive war skills of the best war, mostly the forward type, such as "10% of monomer damage skills damage", or "10 mstas when opening."

Good War Hummer is also a single porthing attribute such as "being reduced by censor damage", but the value may be slightly different. In addition, there are many "10% reduction in therapeutic effect, but all-defense reduction is 10%". "

Therefore, as you choose to provide a single increase in the horse. The need to look at the overall demand for the overall demand of the lineup, such as the need to treat the aforementioned anti-injury in the front row, but reduce the properties of the full defense.

The above is "Wolong 吟 2" war horse exclusive anti-skill choice recommended, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!