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In the early years, is the middle -aged financial fortune?

real teen faith real teen faith
consult:My daughter, born at 6 pm on July 16, 1990. I used to work in a private company, but worked hard but did not earn money. Because of no formal work, it is also difficult to choose a spouse, and it is only 30 years old to marry. He has also experienced being framed, broken up, and lost his mother. Later, through hard work, I was admitted to the preparation (provincial plan), but the local area was not paid or wages. Now the work is still tired, and I often have contradictions with my husband. Ask the teacher to help me see the future work, marriage, and fertility. How about middle -aged wealth? Eight characters comments: Kunzheng: Gengwu, Guiwei, Renwu, Ji Yi Grand Canal: Renwu, Xin Yan, Gengchen, Ji Yan, Wu Yin, Ding Chou, now Gengchen Grand Canal. The yen Renshui, although the two years old and the lack of printed support in a timely manner, but they were born in the monthly loss, sitting on the fire in the afternoon, the official official, using Jin Xishui, avoiding fire civil engineering. For those who are weak, the financial officer avoids the two important positions of the monthly order and the Japanese branch. Official representatives work and wealth represents money. It can be seen that your work pressure is high, and you are worried about money. Besides, there is no partial wealth in the birthday. Avoid the revenue of the hard work of the fortune, and Zhengcai is the income of hard work. It can be seen that you are born to make a hard work of making small money, and you are reluctant to spend money (the wealth is not through the ground). Fortunately, you are now walking in the Gengchen Grand Canal and killing the Indian. Therefore, you have the opportunity to be admitted to the establishment, but Chen Tu is the yen tomb, and it is not very ambitious. This year 2022 Ren Yin, next year 2023 Guizhen, eating wounded land, work is not very unsatisfactory at work, and fortune is also average. If you failed to solve the incident last year (last year's official Yinwang), then the hope in the past two years is slim. At the age of 34 to 44, you walk away from the Grand Canal. Of course, in 2028, Wushen reached Renzi in 2032. In recent years, Jinshui has been booming, and the work has improved. It is relatively easy and smooth, and the income will be improved. Overall, watching your lifetime, unable to help in the struggle, can only be bland in your career. Six0 -year -old moved to Bingzi and Yihai, and the earthly branch saw the water to help the body, and the evening luck was okay. In the original game, the branch was happy to use God, and the Lord was good in the evening. At the Gengchen Grand Canal before the age of 34, Chen Tu is the Seven Kills. Seven kills represent the unstable heterosexual fate. Therefore, it is more emotionally talked about. Gengzi in 2020, Tiansan reveals Yingxing, which can represent the marriage certificate, the noon rushing, the impulsive marriage palace, and the year of joy; in 2021, the sanctuary official seal, so you have a marriage in the past two years. Rickelska, showing that the relationship between the husband and wife after marriage is not harmonious enough, the two of them have poor communication, and there are quarrels from time to time. The official official should be strong, and the marriage palace is also avoided. The husband should be a stronger person. Marriage and feelings will bring you pressure and trouble. This year, Ren Yin, next year, the wounds are prosperous, and the food injury is the star of the official. It is not conducive to the relationship between the husband and wife. The two are noisy and noisy. Eat wounds represent your child, indicating that you have great hope at this stage. If you have a child, you will transfer your attention to children, and the husband and wife will naturally be peaceful. It is said that the child is the lubricant of the couple's feelings, which is not fake. Therefore, since the past two years are unfavorable to work and marriage, it is also a good time for your birth. To recognize the luck, you can walk a good life. You are 34 to 44 years old. Mainly in 2025 Yi Yi (injured officials, the marriage palace without noon), 2026 Bingwu (noon fire to the marriage palace), 2032 Renzi (Ziwu Chong, wealth rushing to the marriage palace), these Being a year of mind.