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Company Name Test_ Surname Li Boys Bettown to Yue Yue

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  • 1. What are the names of the surname Li?
  • 2. The boy named Li from the name of the name with the name of the name of the name
  • 3. The name of the surname Li is named Yue Daquan

What are the names of the name of Li Boy? What are the names?

1. Li Yueyang's "Yue" represents joy and happiness. And "foreign" represents joy, three points of water with a sheep, the boy named the word is simple and foreign, and yang reads the "sunlight". Feel. It is used as a name to think that his son's life is full of sunshine, and live a healthy and happy life.

2. Li Yongyue's "brave" has been synonymous with boys from ancient times to the present. The words "bravely move forward, bravely break into the world" and other words show the man's boldness. In the middle of "Yue", the coherence is also strong, smooth and nice. At the same time, it is active as "enthusiastic". Therefore, parents named the name with the character, which is not only very suitable for boys, but also very good and meaningful.

3. Li Yuehang If the parents want their children to fly freely like birds, and be as majestic as an aircraft carrier, then "aviation" is a very good choice. The interpretation of "sail" is: boat or flight. Now I have heard some high -tech national defense construction, such as: aerospace, aviation, navigation. If the parents are still a military fan, then it is better to name it with "Hang" and the word Yue.

4. Li Yueyin's name is inspired by the ancient poet "Li Shangyin". And "hidden" mostly refers to the hidden forest, hiding. In ancient times, many of the phenomena of living in Xanadu. These phenomena are not escaping. They are more of the disgust of the hustle and bustle world to pursue the true and comfortable life of the inner and soul. The willingness to be used as a name is that boys are fresh and refined, and not stained with dust.

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