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Dream of logging

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of the logging, Jinkemu is a taste of the money, the career can get along with others, everything should be cautious, can not have greedy ideas, if there is an entanglement with him, it is difficult to improve the intention, stunned to the heart, send it to a dream , Autumn dreams, winter dreams are unlucky.

In the external medical person, we have this dream, ask in the northwest, the career is smooth, go to the southeast, there is more uneasy feelings, the personality is introverted, and there are many opportunities to live in the life.

Single woman dreams of logging, golden wood, career, good luck, with others, wealth can be improved, such as character stub, should be hidden.

Middle-aged men have this dream, the peach blossoms are quite, unfavorable, and the human relationship is complicated because of the opposite sex, and the troubles are constantly incarrable, they are disadvantageous.

Engaged in technology, scientific research, etc.

Engaged in painting, garden buildings and other workers' dreams, the main wealth is unfavorable, and the competition with others is obvious, and they are getting along with each other.