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Is it suitable for a car on April 21, 2022?

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According to the Yellow Calence, April 21, 2022 is Ji Ni Ji. Zhou Gong Ji Dream Official Website Pick up good times for the car, respectively,: 9: 00-10: 59, 11: 00-12: 59, 13: 00-14: 59, 19: 00-20: 59, You can pick the best time to pick up the car.

1. April 21, 2022

Gregorian calendar: Thursday, April 21, 2022 lunar calendar: 2002, March, Dry: 寅, 生 属 属, 辰 月, Jiachen Day Fetal god: Door Chicken House Inner East Rush: 冲 生 肖 (戍) 南 Peng Zu: A non-opening of the property dissipation Chen does not cry

Second, April 21, 2022 Zodiac

Today is Dragon Day, rushing Xiao dog, dog is rushing. According to the bunker, the dog man was rushed, so people who were buddha dogs needed this day on April 21, 2022.

Third, is it suitable for picking up a car on April 21, 2022?

[Yi] Travel modification wall charming hobs should be taught to horses []

According to the Yellow Calence, April 21, 2022Is Huiji. The following is a detailed list of the time of the Suitable for your flight for your flight.

Fourth, April 21, 2022 is suitable for picking up the car time detailed list

1 巳 hours: 9: 00-10: 59 rushing pigs

! [忌] sacrifices to blessing fast reward

2 Geng Bo: 11: 00-12: 59 rushing north

[] Pray for the engagement marriage, travel [忌 忌] Shangliang Garwa entered the white tiger must use the unicorn to make a good thing.

3 Xinyi: 13: 00-14: 59 Punish

! [忌 忌] None

4 时: 19: 00-20: 59

! []

The above 4 hours is the time that is suitable for the car on April 21, 2022. Zhou Gongli Dream official website reminds you that it is best to take the day when you query to pick up the car, you should take the day's taboo, and then check it. At the time of the day, the Division did not contradict each other. Please try to avoid your bustling day when you choose to pick up the car. In addition, since each person's eight-character norms are different, there is also the best solution for personal picking and picking up the car.