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Dream of green

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of the green, I have this dream, the five elements of the main wood, and the emblem of the wood. Ask the money can not be opposed to the perspective of the people, there is more uneasy, only careful, foot, the land, can be improved, spring dreams, autumn The dream is not good.

In the external medical person dreams of green light, ask for money in the east, there is no business in the main business, but the sign of others, to seek money in the southwest, then the business has improved, the fortune is quite, more Good luck, due to the business in the abroad.

Single man has this dream, the main peach flower is quite, the feelings of emotions, can not be more important with the opposite sex, there is no distant signs of uneasiness, this is an unjuvenated mega.

Middle-aged woman, I have a lot of dreams, and there are many people in the world, and they are difficult to have a signs of uneasiness.

Ask the scholar dream, smart, talented people, is the talented person, the career is connected.

Engaged in film and television media, advertising creation and other workers to have this dream, wood fire is clear, wealth is quite rich, good at operators, and the career can have a long time.