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What is the meaning of the fat boy?

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of fat boy, I have this dream, even if there is noble person to help, it is not urgent to be very good, doing things sincere, you can make good luck. If you do this dream, the person is suspicious, and the people are hinting with him, two defeatings, life has an uneasy, this is an unjuvenated mega, and everything should have an intention, and you can not claim. Winter Dreams Geely, summer dreams are unlucky.

The man dream of falling off, and the northeast is to make a fortune, it is a good wealth, it is good at operation, the cause is smooth, and the people of the people are honorable and the surrogate, this is a singer.

The body of six people dreams of fat boy, rich fortune, prosperity, and people with him, the cause is more effective, and everything is not arbitrary, and there is an escape in my heart. The principal pressure is high, and there are many small people around, and we will not ask for a self-propelion.

There is a dream of head diseases, and the career is more dispute with others. Everything should be in the earth, and they should be greedy.

The married man dreams to see the fat boy, the peach blossoms are quite, and the things of emotions can not claim, they are in harmony with each other.

Dreaming of love dreams of fat boy, life is good, but it is honest with others, and the fortune is strong.

Full-time lady dreams to the fat boy, the family relationship is not harmonious, the personality stubborn, and the children have an entanglement, there is an uneasy, and everything should be persuaded from others.

The married person dreams that the fat boy, gastrointestinal disease, digestive pathogenesis, and the physical condition is not good, this is an unbt.

Engaged in chemical fuel, chemistry research and other workers dream of fat boy, seeking money towards southeast, rich in money, only treating people sincere, calmly, and fortune more long.