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What does it mean by dreaming of shorts?

real teen faith real teen faith

What does it mean by dreaming of shorts?The five-line main wood, the peach blossom is not a sign, the emotional thing, can not be too entangled with him, if it is really like, it should be broken, and it is unpaid with the opposite sex..

In the extent of the people's dream, we will ask someone in southeast. Although the career has nobles, but there is a pressure of competition in the world, and we will ask for money in the north.Dragon people, people who are snake, come together to make a fortune, and can have a half-time.

Single woman dreams of wearing shorts, peach blossoms are not smooth, emotional things are greedy, only sincerely treat people, the emotional party can gain something.

Entrepreneur dream, although smart, it is not urgent, and more than a small person suspicion, and the fortune is not promising.

Engaged in buildings, steel materials, etc.