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Pregnant women dream of big teeth(2)

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of the teeth, there will be a lot of beliefs who have always insisted on the people who do this dream.

Dreaming that the tooth teeth are falling, it is a sign of Geely, indicating that the recent business will be more at the last level, indicating that new turning will have new turbines, and to grasp the opportunity.

Dreaming that the teeth have lost the new tooth, indicating that work or career will have obstacles, and ask people to ask.

Pregnant women dream of the fortune

Love Index: 98%, Wealth Index: 77%

Health Index: 84%, Work or Business Index: 99%

Good luck: red, suitable orientation: North.

Pregnant woman dreams to the reference

Suitable: Yapu, Yibang Temple, should break the soil

Taboo: Jogetic blessings, avoid entering our house, avoiding clothes

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