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Noishaw Witch 12 Consteration Week: 0418 ~ 0424

real teen faith real teen faith

Maximum star icon in the next week:

On April 18th, the Sun Criminals, the fight against the power; Venus Liuhe Tianwangxing, financial management, interpersonal new opportunities; On April 18, Mercury Liuhe Jinxing, Mercury Heavenly Word, rational and inductive combination, breaking thinking, transformation; April 20 On the day, the sun enters the Taurus, looking for the quiet, returning to a simple and comfortable life, should still reserve money to pick up the goods; on April 23, Mercury is a high-level and environmental pressure, should be self-discipline & polishing.

Three small red flowers in the top three:

Taurus:Interpersonal communication brings new opportunities

Pisces:Financial development

Cancer:Career promotion quickly

Two small black fork this week:

Sagittarius:The past in the past has brought adverse consequences now

Capricorn:There may be some judgment mistakes

This week's focus reminds:

Aries:Don't blindly invest

Subtragroom:To be more patience


A week of unscrupulous. In order of chaotic, operations. This week's Aries is really a pressure throwing. It has to pick up. It seems that you are a person who is going to fight against the trend, and has repeatedly built a strange job. The fact that it needs to pay more in the back of ordinary people. The final victory with powerful willpower, the right and benefits are not named. The new team is formed, expand social, pay attention to communication between the superiors. It is not blindly investing.
Love is the pleasure of holiday.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Day: Monday
Fortunate color: orange
Beware of constellation:
Lucky Constellation: Cancer
A week of heavy hopes. Wash the lead, there is a loss. The golden ears in the silence have returned to rise this week. Although the overall tone is small, it is a good time to cultivate the mood. In the work showing solid foundation, the step is stable, and the power is high, but the efficiency is high, many of the long-term problem of the problem of tainted nasa, and it is also resolved during this period. Convinced, all the allies do not ask. The conversion runway is better, and the partnership investment is profitable.
Love is beautiful.
Lucky number: 8
Lucky Day: Thursday
Fortunate color: red
Beware of constellation: Sagittarius
Lucky Constellation: Virgo
Pay attention to the week of rest. The root base is stable, and the impermeability is developed. This week, the two sonists are in a stable and stable stage, although lack of bright external support, everything is going forward to the direction of their own position. There is a new career pattern and change, but the workload has increased, physical and mentally exhausted, many things need to be more patience. The good news is that the villain is far from, the financial is stable, and the life is stable.
Love is a bird with a flying.
Lucky number: 5
Lucky Day: Sunday
Fortunate color: blue
Beware of constellation: Aries
Lucky Constellation: Aquarius
A week of confidence. Popularity is ranking, will show you. Overall, this is a week of the Cancer, and there is a new job. It is easy to try, and it is hoping that it is possible to uncover a new chapter in life. The money being arreled finally returned, or there was a foreign financial account. The body is stable and should be planned to plan a new season fitness plan.
Love is the beginning of the beginning.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Day: Friday
Fortunate color: orange
Beware of constellation: Taurus
Lucky Constellation: Subtragroom
The luck is not bad. Talent, performance, red. Although this week's lion is not enough, the mentality is lazy, but the situation in the career is still attracted to some good opportunities to send the door. You can also take over, which belongs to a small environment and comfortable people. Side people envy. Family or lover is a safe-winding, who is resistant to you. There is slightly wealth, the resistance is slightly poor.
Love is hiding cats.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Fortunate color: pink
Beware of constellation: aquarius
Lucky Constellation: Capricorn
The week to make a longer plan. Break through the deadlock and look at the future. Start this week, the theme of the virgins of the virgins is increasingly biased towards the behind-the-scenes, rejected the absenteeism, organizing the team, and lay a good foundation for the future. The relationship between the workplace is stable, there is an opportunity to expand your business map, or draw different insights and ideas. Finance and the body are flat.
Love is awkward.
Lucky Number: 0
Lucky Day: Friday
Fortunate color: green
Beware of constellation: Pisces
Lucky Constellation: Taurus
One week of liberation. With Xiaobo, there is a good time. Libra's focus on this week's own personal style, although there is a new chance to reveal but can't grasp, but in any case, it is right, whether it is full of love, whether it is full of love confidence. Financial stability, always considering the investment intention this week to clearly leave the way, health continues to fall.
Love is the love of the wind.
Lucky number: 5
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Fortunate color: pink
Beware of constellation: Leo
Lucky Constellation: Libra
Failure and the opportunity for a week. Strength competition, slightly wins. The mood and mentality are this week's Tianzhu to focus on, and the mood is undulating. It is always uncertain about emotion or interpersonalness, repeated speculation. Although sometimes the ostrich does not face reality, in most cases, it is also possible to take into account all kinds of dangerous signals and respond first, and finally, it is a dangerous or wiping. Financial is good. The body should strengthen exercise, otherwise it will be painful.
Love is a cautious optimistic attitude.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Day: Monday
Fortunate color: khaki
Beware of constellation: Capricorn
Lucky Constellation: Pisces
A week of physical and mental exhausted. Spiritual overdraft, choose unknown. This week's shooter is not unselected, in fact, you have a number of new possibilities, just in the unfavorable trend and environment, you always swing, don't know that east or west, choose or choose Everything is sustainable, making people feel upset. Only when you want to come to the next time, the event can be indigenous. The body is more and unstable, and the finance is good, the incomes are enviable.
Love is working hard to open.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Fortunate color: beige
Beware of constellation:
Lucky Constellation: Aries
The state is sluggish one week. There are a lot of affairs, and the monarch is fighting. This week, Capricorn seems to have entered a state of stagnation, and the prospects are unclear. However, this time, you are a little admirable, even if the status is sluggish, you can still see the work in the real situation is right and wrong, give rational judgment, and a person continues to stick forward, not the original Let your own morality. Finance, physical anxiety, learn to relax.
Love is polished to polish.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Day: Saturday
Fortunate color: white
Beware of constellation: Virgo
Lucky Constellation: Leo
Still looking for a week. Whether Thai, plain life. Although this week is still not ushered in, the water bottles that are beginning to find a direction will be gradually getting rid of the low tide, and the trust crisis is gradually released. Pay attention to the choice and hit, to do a good place in the next few months, avoid leaving a pile of rotten stalls. It is good to enjoy life, close to nature, and heal.
Love is different frequencies.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Fortunate color: yellow
Beware of constellation: Cancer
Lucky Constellation: Shot
Wish for a week. Eight sides, long-sleeved and good dance. During this period, the Pisces of Pisces have a good opportunity to enter or get a fight in the new field, and they can do things, and know how to make alliances. It should be noted that this week is an important time for the development and cooperation of the next stage. It cannot be tired, just think that it will be good luck. There is a small part of it.
This week's focus is love, you will get the answer you have always wanted.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Fortunate color: purple
Beware of constellation: Libra
Lucky Constellation: Scorpio