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"Runaway Dungeon" hero rankings

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"Runaway Dungeon" is a Q cute RPG mobile game. The game is the public beta on May 13th. Many Mengxin is not clear about which hero is better. Here are the heroes of "Runaway Dungeon" heroes brought to you. Share the rankings, let's take a look together.

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"Runaway Dungeon" hero rankings


Dark thorns (the blood returns the blood in seconds, it can always be returned, it can really be 1V5's pleasure, and the boss almost means)


Curm (Sudden face C, there is no output on the opposite side, it can only be slaughtered by me, JJC is very strong)

Ice bow (high output and control, it may be powerful in controlling it)

Giant Sword (I don’t know much about this, maybe I still have harm to stay, maybe anti -injury)

Ethnic tower must

Dark battle (the racial tower can only be dull, and you can push all the four towers of dark battles. Do not eat the lineup of the big brother with flying blood, but JJC and pushing the map are not very eye -catching)


Except for the other four positions, you can assist

The ranking is not divided, watch the lineup:

Fire milk (the passive team can be invincible once every person, I will not die when I die first!

Regeneration (also a fire -based nanny, which can increase therapy and reduce the treatment, comprehensive and golden oil, there is nothing special, you can go)

Water milk (reinforce the exemption to C, when the opposite control is more, let C erupt a wave to the opposite side)

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