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"Fighting Strange" novice career selection recommendation

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There are many professions of different attributes in the game of "Fighting Story". Many novice players want to know what kind of profession is better. So today I will introduce to you the recommendation of the choice of fighting novice profession. Do n’t miss it if you need it.

"Fighting Strange" novice career selection recommendation

Pure experience 0 氪 Short -term play: Soul A envoy

(Mengxin friend+cool appearance-later weak)

Weibian (the first charging party/monthly card party/three card party): Chilian

(Scope gathering monsters+charging bodies-insufficient outbreak)

Zhongye (500 or more) to Passing: Sali

(Smart and elegant+later powerful-bodies are brittle)

Heavy (above 2000) to wearing:

(Outbreak perverted+the stronger the more ugly-ugly)

The following is divided by specific numbers

After watching trouble, please like it and let more brothers see

0 yuan: soul envoy

1 ~ 500 yuan: Chilian

501 ~ 2000 yuan: Sahua

2001 yuan!

Pay attention to see clearly the characters and soul characters, don't look against it, the soul is the handsome one, and the soul official is the ugly one.

It is not sure if you play for a long time, and if you do n’t have much money to play games, it is recommended to choose red practice.

In the case of paddling, the soul officials are stronger than the savanx, but the gap is not too large. You can choose one of the two with your preference.

The above is the recommendation of the novice career selection of "Fighting Story". For more game strategies, please continue to pay attention!