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Each baby is an angel who landed in the world, and parents want to give the best to their children. Especially after the baby is born, parents try their best to give their children a good name. A good name will bring good fortune to the baby. It has a profound impact on the baby's life. Meaning, let's take a look at how to give the baby a 100 -point name?

100 points Baby named skills 1. When the zodiac analysis is named, the child's zodiac is also considered when the child is born. The animal attributes of the zodiac itself change some things that have been spread by folk customs. For example: dogs are afraid of chicken, monkeys are afraid of water, etc.

2. When naming the principles of Chinese characters, we must distinguish between men and women. Do not measure the attributes of the words just to make up for the numerology of the girl, but it uses a common word for boys. In this way, it is neither in accordance with the common sense of naming, nor reflects the unique personality characteristics of girls. Therefore, when using the birthday eight characters to name the child, the matching situation should be distinguished. The principle of Chinese character matching is to be able to distinguish between the gender of men and women. The boy is named by the boy's word. The girl should name the girl's words to avoid confusion and cause misunderstandings.

3. Note for free names for the birthday eight characters to get a good name of 100 points, so you need to fill in the birthday character when you name it. This is based on the name of the birthday character. The guarantee name is in line with itself, and it is a good name that really suits you. The name of the birthday of the birthday can give full play to the good aspects of the child's fortune and avoid bad aspects, which is helpful for children's future fortunes.

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