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Does the dragon match the monkeys?

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If a marriage is long, it depends on the efforts of both parties. If the efforts of both parties are not equal, it is easy to cause marriage to break. People are still used to checking whether they are matched with each other with their zodiac signing, so do you know the marriage of the dragon and monkey? Please follow the editor and take a look.

Is the dragon and a monkey match?

From the perspective of the twelve zodiac signs, the people of the zodiac dragons are very matched with the monkeys of the zodiac. Their character is very similar. The zodiac is very powerful and horizontal, but sometimes they may always be fantasy and careless. The zodiac people are smart, delicate and sensitive, and can help the zodiac people who belong to the dragon. The common points of these two people are that they are independent, romantic, and can respect each other. In fact, they are also very responsible, so they will be good partners. They will also have a positive impact on each other, making their marriage and love life happier.

Can the marriage between dragons and monkeys last long?

In their marriage relationship, the character of the zodiac is too strong and domineering, so he is in a proactive position in this relationship, but if the zodiac monkeys only accept others to him, if they do not pay, they do not pay. It is not conducive to the development of marriage relationship. If the zodiac monkeys want to marry the people who belong to the zodiac dragon, then he must pay for it, and he also needs to pay for his other half. Otherwise, even if the marriage match is good, it will cause disagreement, so as long as the two parties are tolerant and concern each other in the marriage life, their marriage can last long.

The above is the content of "Is the Dragon and Monkey, whether their marriage can last long". I hope it will be helpful to you, and wish your marriage life be happy and happy, and grow old with the other half of your love.