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How about the fan directly facing the door

real teen faith real teen faith

In summer, many people will put the electric fan out. The placement of electric fans also has certain taboos. If you don't pay attention, it will have an adverse effect on our fortune. The fan is directly facing the door, which is generally not good. Let's take a look today, how will the fan go directly to the door?


The door is a place where you are angry, so if the fan blows facing the door, it will easily cause the blessing and wealth that can be easily attracted to the door. Such a house naturally lacks blessing patronage, so over time in the house in the house over the house, so in the house in the house in the house over time, the home in the house over time is in the house in the house. Without blessing, the family's wealth and health will naturally decline.

Accumulate evil spirits

The door is not only a place for Nafu, but also a place where evil and evil spirits are discharged. If a fan is placed at the door, it will cause the evil spirits in the home to block the door. Gathering at home, a serious threat to the health of the family, will even break the fortune in severe cases.

Yisheng right and wrong

The fan is facing the door, representing the wind to the door. Such a feng shui pattern can easily make the evil spirits accumulate, and the wind is blowing outside the door, which means that the people in the family do not say bad things about others and do not take the initiative to quarrel with others. It will be grasped by the handle or framed, causing a career to stagnate, and even a prison disaster.