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Dream tea tree

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of tea trees, I have this dream, the five elements of the five elements are the symbol of ethylene. Ask the money, the person who is delicate, the career is more long, and it is more than Xiangrui's sign, spring dream , Autumn dreams are unlucky.

I have a dream of the outside, walking towards the east, going to the west, unlucky, and people belonging to the rabbit, a person who is a tiger, together to make a fortune, career is being entangled by others, and it is difficult to improve.

Single woman has this dream, the peach blossoms are quite, the emotions cannot be three-hearted, and there is an entanglement between the opposite sex, two defeatings.

Middle-aged women have this dream, the character is poor, self-proposition, it is difficult to listen to the persuasion of others, if the family relationship is not peaceful, it attracts the disputes, it is not worth the person, and the life is more unhappy.

Middle-aged man dreams of tea trees, five lines of main wood, and the main business have changed ideas, but the ability is limited, and everything is inquiry, it is natural, but it is the way.

Engaged in philosophy and ideological culture, etc.