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What is the zodiac signs or zodiac chicken

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In our country, the Ganzhi chronological law has been in use since ancient times. People of different primers have different personalities. There are no differences between the phases, there is only a summary. So, what is the zodiac sign?

Beef Malu is a zodiac beef and zodiac chicken.

The following is a specific analysis of the zodiac signs (guessing the zodiac signs)

Said 1: Analysis refers to the insignificant thing, so we can think of a idiom that is similar to it is "garlic". Therefore, we can speculate that it is related to chickens.

Said 2: From "useless things, you can be useful in your hands", we can think of cattle. Many people think that cow dung has no effect, but people who understand can use cow dung as a fence. combustion. Therefore, the comprehensive analysis of cattle mackerel can be cattle.

Bull Malubi guess a number

Guess the numbers from the strokes of the cattle. "Niu" 4 strokes, "4" Word 12 strokes, "Ma" character 3 strokes, "Bo" Bo "9 strokes, 4 characters in total is 4+12+3+9 = 28. Therefore, the Niu Mo Bo Gu guesses a number 28.

Zodiac signs and zodiac culture

1. Sub -rat: From 23:00 midnight to 01, the orientation belongs to the north. In November of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to the water. It belongs to Dongxiao, Hongxiao, Chess Xiao, Ye Xiao, Di Xiao, Yu Xiao, plum blossom.

2. Ugly cow: From 01 am to 03 am, the orientation belongs to the center. In December of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to the soil. It belongs to Dongxiao, Luxiao, Chess Xiao, Jia Xiao, Tian Xiao, Yu Xiao, Lotus.

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