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"King's glory" Gongsun from the jade rabbit princess line voice list

real teen faith real teen faith

"King's glory" game, Gongsun from the new skin jade rabbit, the princess is about to go online, many players want to know what the lines have, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to the king glory Gongsun from the jade rabbit princess line speech list, don't miss it. Don't miss it. .

"King's glory" Gongsun from the jade rabbit princess line voice list

First, mobile voice

1, I ride like a bow, I see the people like it on the street, I will shoot the arrow to him.

2, who is in arrow, who is 驸马

3, tell the heaven and earth, you have to meet the holy, the wish is already

4, the three apprentice students are ugly, don't hurry to put them in the West

5, sing a daughter's melody

Second, return to the city

1, the rabbit has a three cave

Third, skill speech

1, why are you hiding me?

2, come over

3, um ~ I want to choose myself

Fourth, kill

1, see where you can hide

V. provocation

1, don't worry

Sixth, death

1, jade rabbit knows the wrong, hope for forgiveness

Seven, close to Sun Bank

Sun Wukong: You are the enchanting, it is still unhappy!

Jade rabbit: Where are you enchanting!

Sun Wukong: It turned out to be a jade rabbit, you don't stay in the moon.

Eight, the future meets Tang Yan

I am expensive as the princess, with you this Tang Dynasty monk, isn't you not?

Nine, appearance voice

1, the origin of the past, this life, can you change

2, the father, when are you a baby selected?

3, the sea is in the palace, you can hear

The above is the "king glory" Gongsun from the jade bunny, please contact us, please continue to pay attention!