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What does it mean by dream peak?

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What does it mean by dream of peak?The five lines of main wood, peach blossoms, emotionally unfavorable, and sincerely treat each other, the feelings can be harmonious, such as being entangled with the other party, there is an uneasy, the spring dreams are unlucky, and the autumn dream is unlucky.

In the external medical person dreams of peaks, we will seek money in the northeast. The career can help others, to southwest, we will make a lot of money, and there are many signs of small people.

Single woman dreams of picking peaks, the main business is more susceptible to others, and there is a bad thing.

The middle-aged man dreams, the personality is stubborn, and the fortune is more entangled by a villain. If the cause is treated, it cannot be hooked with him, and life is not smooth.

Working in clothing manufacturing, silk processing and other related industry dreams, five lines of main wood, asking for money can not beat hands with him, thinking about people.

Engaged in painting, design and other related industry, the signs of wood fire, good at operators, good luck, and more than Xiangrui.