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Electrostatic fish weekly parsing important heaven April 18-24

real teen faith real teen faith

Next week, with the sun into Taurus, the energy of the group of bullocks, but, there is a star of the floppy, and many things seem to be slow and swallowed, and the good things are always going forward. Although it is a bit slow.

We still have to transfer your attention to a daily life, and will be responsible for the three meals for your day. Affected by some factors, the life slowdown again, but also to open the five senses to feel the natural law.

Don't give up for your own life you want! Continue to cheer! You are trapped, pay more attention to your psychological changes, the help of help, people who love themselves are more worthy, self-rescue consciousness is always truth, is the life of life to start a good weather.

Don't be indulge, this world is beautiful, you haven't seen enough.

Mercury is induced before hethry

2022 /

Mercury Liuhe Venus

On the 18th, Mercury Jinniu Liuhe Venus Pisces, our artistic spirit will be better, aesthetically online, more inspiration in writing editing and painting. The relationship between women in the home will also be harmonious. Because of the influence of Jinniu, I want to be more actually stable, and there will be possible possibilities.


Mercury Golden Niko Xiangyou Xing Jinniu, Mercury and Tianguo Xiangxiang also aggravate our unclear, want to express confrontation through language logic, and it is easy to get a few ideas a day. Some unrealistic. There is also an innovative independence spirit, suitable for scientific research.

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