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Analysis of the symbol of the essays of the twelve palace

real teen faith real teen faith

The slave palace includes the gnoven, the land and the parents, etc. It is the way to see people's old age and their life and partial, children's relationship. The relationship between the Gift Pavilion, the Library Department and the Decocity System and the Digest System and the Digestive System are closely related to the lower limb system.

The Gift Pavilion and the Library, the squid is full, the entire lower part is unfucks in line with the standard, the owner's will is strong, the wisdom is superior, dealing with the implied fruit of the things, the subordinates, the child is impartial and rewarding and punishment; therefore , The union is a party, the virtue of De Canada, the ministry is happy, the child is filial, the body is healthy, the cerebellical function is normal, the career is good, the food and clothing is full, the family and marriage life is full. The gifted spikes or contracted inward, or forward, too long or too short, the area of ​​the gallery and the squad are not conforming to the standards, the owner's will is weak, the decision is insufficient, intelligence Not high, poor personality, abnormal brain function, love and family life is not beautiful, health is poor in his later years, and there is less living conditions. Especially the slave palace has a viciousness, or the people who have a poor blesses, the main thing of the gentleman, the elderly is lonely, and the six pro is less than. The chin is particularly highlighted, the main personality, self-confidence is too strong, and the poor is striking in the later years, it is susceptible to hypertension, heart disease.

Where there is a defective defect, no matter the size of its life, seventy-year-old is under health.