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What is the most likely and impossible for AB type blood and AB blood student?

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What is the blood type of AB type blood and AB-type blood? According to the blood type genetic law, the child of AB blood and the AB blood generation is most likely to be A type, type B, AB type blood. It is most impossible to be O-type blood type.

What kind of education is adopted to the child of AB blood, in order to improve his taste and cultivate coordination with people and harmony?

(1) Cultivate positive action from group life

The lack of coordination of AB-type blood is often due to the unique personality of people who are not careless to people. However, they also have side, self-consciousness, so they should be able to get along with others.

Cultivate coordination, the most important thing is to close yourself. Let them participate in group life, learn how to get along with people. If it is only a lack of coordination, as long as it is eliminating the problem they are afraid, there is no need to worry. And you must explain to them, with people to get along with people and mutual cooperation.

In addition, cultivating them to participate in various activities, and does not loses a good law. Avoiding them alone, participating in various sports or games that need team spirit and mutual help will be able to work.

(2) Children with four types of body type AB

1 Kids of slimming B-shaped blood: belonging to a friendly and self-centered thought. To develop their coordination, the most important thing is to make it a positive action, and the ability to get along with people. Only this can only correct the tendency of their self-enclosed.

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