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"Machine and Dungeon" March 16

real teen faith real teen faith

After the "lightning light and dungeon" mobile game is officially launched, the official will bring a lot of game benefits to players, and will give players from time to time. The little friends know what the March 16 March 16th of the lighting light is? The following small series brings the lights to the lights and Dungeon 2022 secrets, and interested partners come together!

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"Machine and Dungeon" March 16

Today's secret: 饭

Method for secret order

1. Open the game to enter the main interface, click the [Settings] option below.

2, then select [MRE Package] in the [Set] interface

3, finally in the [Please enter the secret order] interface in the [Mary] interface, click [Send]

The above is the full content of Xiaobian's mandrel on the March 16, and wants to get more related game Raiders.