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The most difficult Chinese characters 172 painted in history, the most difficult word 9999 painting

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Chinese Chinese characters culture can be said to be profound, Chinese characters are charming words, Chinese is also intelligent. The Chinese characters we use will reach more than 3,000. There are many uncommon words, but they will not read it. Some very cold doors may have seen many people have seen it, don't read and understand. So what are the most difficult Chinese characters? Which is the most Chinese characters of the stroke? Let's go to explore one together.

Which is the most Chinese characters of the stroke?

The most Chinese characters in the strokes have 172 paintings, and I'm talking to Cháo, I'm thinking huáng, the academic community has no conclusion.

Interpretation: Will Word, refer to the world (including all things and weather)

What is the most difficult word in the world?

International standards issued a 6.2 version of the world is currently available for practical maximum character set, hundreds of more than 7.68 Chinese characters and national letters, text and graphics symbols. Multi-input method (multi-Chinese character and graphic symbol input method) is an input method for the oversized character set, which can quickly enter more than 7.68 Chinese characters of the general code version 6.2. But there is no Chinese characters that have been incorporated by any input methods, and it is the most difficult word in the world. For example, a snack pronunciation is a "biángbiáng surface" 64 painting "biáng" word, the computer can't be can't play, can only be specially made:

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