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White wax 金命 女 带 翡 翡 保 保 安 安 寿

real teen faith real teen faith

Born in Geng Chen, Xin Xinnian people belong to "white wax gold" life. Baikangjin belongs to a nature of the metallicity in the five elements. It is in the place where the fire is in the earth. The golden gas has been produced, but it is still in a closed state, the historic of the home, so it is still being positive from the West. . Many people who want to know what accessories should be worn. Today, Xiaobian has organized four jewelry that enhances women who can give Baikang Golden Women.

Suitable for jade

Emerald is the soil in the five elements and absorbed the essence of the heavens and the earth. Jade itself has the role of qi and longevity, this is recorded in the ancient books. There is still a role in the emerald, with a special "photoelectric effect". Slightly rubbed the blood circulation in the human body, speed up the body's metabolism, keep peace and longevity.

Can with platinum

Baihuajin is a kind of golden, and the elements wearing itself are plus gold, naturally they have. The substance of the finsman and the same gold will not have a rendering, but it is more than enough in daily life, and sometimes it can even be transported. When you need to turn around in your career and wealth, Baika Film is more suitable for wearing platinum.

White crystal enhances fortune

White roof metal gold, the corresponding color is white. So from this area, choose the white crystal is not wrong. Mainly, Baihuajin is a weak gold in gold, and it is necessary to make a lot of money to make a more strong gold, while white crystals are just in this regard. Crystals are soft, while gold is just, the combination of both will produce different effects.


The beads mentioned here are be sure to go through the beads, don't wear no light. Beads and the above-mentioned jade are all territable, utility is almost similar. However, the dried beads that have been opened, and the overall effect will be better than the jade, and it is also more suitable for the Baikhujin fate of the Buddha.