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"Magic Tower" Namesis weapon is recommended

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Many players in the slide tower game are still unclear, what is the specific matching idea of ​​the Namisis weapon. Next, let Xiaobian brings "Magic Tower" Namesis weapons to match, and interested friends will come and see it, hoping to help everyone.

"Magic Tower" Namesis weapon is recommended

Weapons recommendation:

Naishe, Naisai, Napu / White

1. Nair: Pacific milk combination, and the cube can also provide a good injury.

2. Neid White: The match of fighting milk. The operation method is the Niomei plug-in, the cube jumped a few times, and after sufficient, the Moon Kui lined, flash A output by the way.

3. Napu / White stick: Break Shield. Normally, Nai and the ice calement return blood. If the enemy is opened, it will carry a broken shield or the Bohrian, which is built. It is also recommended to have a white moon Kui. After all, the exclusive skills of Namesis also can't waste it. .

The above is the full content of the "Magic Tower" Namisx weapon is mixed, and more, please pay attention!