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"Wolong 2" displayed upgrade priority recommended

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In Wolong 2 games, there are many different formations, and the increased array grades can increase the effects of the formation. Next, Xiaobian brings "Wolong 2" display priority to the upgrade priority, interested partners come and see.

"Wolong 2" displayed upgrade priority recommended

Upgrade priority: square round array> long snake array> crafting = geese array> Other array

First echelon: square round, long snake array

Both are our most commonly used array, these two major array are essential, including the most round array. Both are the material prevention, used to improve the impairment of the army, and each level can improve the 15% defense of the detail, mainly to reduce the enemy's ordinary attack injury.

Second echelon: crafting, geese array

"Crane Wings - Plus War" and "Gender Array - Adjustment and Defense", they also need to upgrade, in order to encounter the battle attack and the team to attack the team.

No special requirements do not have to upgrade without special requirements.

In summary, the little friends first upgraded the round array, the two stages of the long snake array, and then upgraded the cranes and geese arrays. As for other types, there are not many uses, you can not consider!

The above is the "Wolong 2" formation upgrade priority recommended, more hand of the tour guide!