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How much effort is there on the "National Gongzhi"?

real teen faith real teen faith

"Fighting" is the national style of the national style of the flying fish science and technology, the "Three Kingdoms" on the "Three Kingdoms" was published in 2014, and once praised the free list in the AppStore. The best-selling list is the top of the top, and it is over a month. After eight years, the new work of the studio is coming soon, and just completed a new round of test yesterday, through the content of the test version, the game has been completed, the wing is actually I have a lot of effort.

In the style of the country, the unique art style

With the rise of "national boom" in recent years, the game market has emerged in a large number of mobile games in China's style, and the unique ink painting is the natural advantage of national wind mobile games. Compared with other national winds, "fighting" One of the highlights is the background of the distinctive green mountain water painting, because the "only green" stage drama of the Spring Festival Evening is the danced green mountain water painting. Under this unscrupulous art design, you can find the face of the unique national style ink.

Shanshui painting wind main interface

Whether it is the background of the venue, all the ancient rhymes of the mountain water painting. In this background base, the wild is not even more abrupt and exaggerated. In the landscape, the sword is demon, "Fighting" has achieved excellent balance between a moving, with a unique national rhyme, telling the Mixi story belonging to the East.

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