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"Ark Survival Evolution" Duodu How to Tam? Trim Bird That Method Sharing

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How to tame the Frassion Evolutionary 5 Trusuzbird as a preliminary transition animal, it is very useful, but many small partners don't know how to capture, the following small series will bring the Ark to survive the evolution of the bird, tame, share, interested partners to see Bar.

Ark Survival Evolutionary 15 Bird Tam Method Sharing

Introduction and appearance

The distribution of Dawuchou is very extensive. Although there is a bird word, it will not fly at all, usually in the coast, forest and other places, is a very wide range of species, wild Daizhu's attack power 0, belonging to the abuse of low-rise organisms.

Taming method

Dizzy props: fists, wooden sticks

Taming Feed: Vegetables> Purple Berry> Other Color Berries

Taming operation:

Totted creatures during the novice, after fainting, directly lost fruit to the bag, tame before the fighting power is 0, after the tame, the combat power is 5 slag ~ Used to do the feed to catch the wing ", not bad!

The above is the full content of the Ark to survive the evacuation of the fmedun tame method, you want to know more about the relevant Raiders, you will continue to pay attention to the Ranger Net, the will push the latest and most complete Raiders for everyone every day, must Don't miss it.