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"Naruto Hand Tour"

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Many players in the Huangjianjian Hand Tour are unclear, what is the specific acquisition method of the stone stone. Next, let Xiaobian brings the "Naruto Hand Tour" Fei Shi's acquisition method, interested, friends to see it, hoping to help everyone.

"Naruto Hand Tour"

[Get method]

1, secret challenge: 135 or more 6-7

2, daily 80 live treasure box: 10 stable 10

3, group challenge task: 15 fixed 15

4, the group is flop: the tail beast has never seen any 11-13, 13 or more.

5, accumulation treasure chest: occasionally open 5 10, basic reputation

6, black market businessman spend a coupon to buy: folding 5 RMB

7, occasionally triggering mystery: 328 direct purchase 350, 648 direct purchase 650

8. Organizational red envelope: 50 RMB 5

9, 500 coupons to buy 60-yard stone plus legs

10, a long time ago, 198 direct purchases, not a few stones.

11, all kinds of activities

The above is the full content of the "Naruto Hand Tour" Fei Shi, more hand, please pay attention to 3DM mobile game network!