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"Battle Shuangpai" Harka Marsh Inspiration

real teen faith real teen faith

Battle Shuangpami recently launched a new ice attenuating character. Many small partners want to know how this Haka Mima's hidden star, today Xiaobian brings "Battle Shuangpammsh" Harka Mart Edge intensity list. Take a look at the little friends who are interested.

"Battle Shuangpai" Harka Marsh Inspiration

1, let go of the rhythm, test service is actually still good, due to the intensity of the test service, it seems that the problem is very unqualified with the environment, the core is passive, and the big strike is too worn. It is not suitable for theater, prisoners. cage.

2, weapon sickle, in addition to the three sections of the ground, you can change to other weapons. At this stage, the bench can only be bench, unless the high-wide free copy of the high-feasted copy of the high-definition and the skill displacement effect also has the game space.

3, there is still a point of flash point, such as the movement of the hook behind the second section of Ping A poke me, there is a kind of time when there is a stretchive movement, and you can automatically flash, the first movement of the big move and The attached animation is also very handsome, but overall looks still very mediocre.

The above is the full content of Xiaobian's "Battle Shuangpai" Hama Mat, more game Raiders, please continue to pay attention!