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"Small Raccoon Bai will pass" high-grade skill analysis

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"Small Raccoon Bai will pass" the high-spirited new hero is about to go online. Many players want to know how his skills, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to the raccoon hundred will pass the skills analysis, the need Partners don't miss.

"Small Raccoon Bai will pass" high-grade skill analysis

In the game, high-spirited is intellectual hero, and his skill design is unfolded around the elements of "蹴 蹴";

When high-spirited ordinary attack hit enemies, a higher random randomly launched the enemy [phantom 鞠], [phantom 鞠 鞠] hit will cause a lot of spell damage to the enemy, and the enemy unit will not be due to [phantom鞠] The attack is anger. When high-spirited uses [ordinary attack] or [phantom 鞠], the enemy will get the [flammable] effect, which will reduce the spell injury of enemy units, [flammable] effect can be superimposed, and continue The battle is over.

After entering the battlefield, [Taiwan's Wei] will shock the hero of it, the ability of the hero will be greatly weakened.

When triggering [Magic Treaux] skills on the battlefield, the high-spirited will kicked [Magic] to the nearest hero unit with special kicks, [Magic] The impact of the enemy will cause a large number of spells to the enemy Injury, and significantly reduce the enemy's anger; will also return to the high-end [anger ball], let the high-spirited have a lot of anger.

When high-spirited release of anger skill [reverse the Qiankun], you will call the Hand of Nether at all enemies, extract the enemy's essence god and increase its own damage. The hand of the puzzle will cause a lot of damage to the enemy's goal.

The skill characteristics of the high-spirited, let the high-rise have [group attack and decline, anger cut] capabilities, and high-spirited also has excellent remote output capabilities. What kind of impact will such a wicked role that will cause the battlefield?

The above is "small raccoon hundred will pass" high-level skill analysis, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!