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"WeChat" Send HD video method

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WeChat updated, now supports video and pictures of HD uncompressed, we can send a bigger HD video directly! How to send WeChat to send 4K video? The following small series brings you a method of introducing WeChat HD video, I hope to help you.

How does WeChat send HD 4K video?

1. Open the WeChat chat page, click "+" next to the dialog, select the album.

2, select 4K video in the album, check the original map option below, click Send.

3. When a friend receives it, you can see the video below has a "viewing original video". Click on you can view 4K original image quality video, and the iPhone also supports Dolbye, HDR play.

4, this feature only supports the chat page to send, the friend circle video is still compressed video, so if you want to go to a friend circle, you can choose to release it on the video number, then forward to share the circle of friends, and still Unable to send more than 1GB video.

The above is how to send 4K video from Xiaobian's WeChat? WeChat sends HD video methods, more related information tutorials, please pay attention.