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Don't talk about this topic with 12 constellations

real teen faith real teen faith

Many times, we will all be cold because there are not many topics. It is very important to see the topic, so today, let us look, it is best not to talk to the twelve constellation?

Aries: Gourmet

Aries is a typical food, they have nearly attached preferences. But in the chat or try not to talk to the Aries, because they will talk, others only have listening.

Taurus: horror film

Taurus is very afraid to watch horror films. They have a strong associative ability. When the scary music comes out, Taurus will make a variety of horror episodes, so don't talk to them, they will not sleep.

Subtragroom: house

The house is the pain in the hearts of the Gemini. They looked at the housing prices all the way, and they missed the best buying house. The Gemini has always been expected to fall in house prices, but if someone talks about the house with them, their emotions must be very bad.

Cancer: Game

Cancer's thoughts are very conservative, they feel that playing things, especially now popular online game mobile games are misleading teenagers. So don't talk to the game with the game, they will be angry.

Leo: stock

Leo is a senior shareholder, they are keen on stock, expect to get a rich return from the stock market. However, the uncertainty of the stock market makes the lion's loss, if it talks to them, there is no scar of the lesion.

Virgo: child

Virgo's personality is quiet, they like to be troublesome. Virgo is the most annoying thing to send their own children in a friend in a friend, or the person who pulls the ticket, so don't talk to them, and the virgin will crazy.

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