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There are 60 original text of Wang Yangming, full of philosophical classic quotations.

real teen faith real teen faith

Wang Yangming is an ancient a very famous thinner and military home. He is not only a set of rebels in the military, but also has far-reaching in the mind, but the "mind" that he created has affected the countless people in the later generation, many people The various quotations he left were also very deep today. Today, I brought you 60 original text of Wang Yang Ming's my mind. Let's take a look at this great man.

60 words of Wang Yangming's endology

1,Passer, is also, it is not being attributed to the right. It is doing an incisive person, and it is also known as evil. Attributive to a positive, what is good for good.

2,Suddenly, the might of understanding the aim of the aim of the aim, and we will know the words of the saints.

3,And during the operation, do not make the interruption. There is no peace, that is, it is quiet.

4,The so-called "Grid" of "University", that is, "Ming", "Ming". Bo, interrogation, cautious, obliged, legitimate, so that the so-called Ming is sincere, there is no such thing as the sincere work.

5,It is the formation of the standard.

6,Knowing the study of the study, I am, but the mouth, how to know the exercise?

7.In the case of the study of the saints, it is said to be in the style; if you want to cause it, you will say a conscience.

8,I know in real things. If you are good, you will go to this matter: it is to go to evil, you will not be.

9,"Cautious", "fear". As for the "Yingyi" "Bohor", the Kung Fu is only general, not to do "the substance" under that number.

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