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Maintain skin and hair and overall metabolism depends to vitamin B2

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Maintain skin and hair and overall metabolism depends to vitamin B2

According to Russian satellite network: Russian gastrointestinal diseases Yelona • Doulina said in an interview with Russia's "5-channel" TV station, maintenance of skin and hair and overall metabolism depends largely in B vitamins. Especially B2.

The doctor mentioned that with the growth of age, the human body is not easy to absorb all necessary ingredients, which will lead to various health problems.

Doulina explained that "all biochemical processes in our body are carried out under the participation of B groups, including vitamin B2. At the same time, the main role of vitamin B2 is to activate other B vitamins: such as B6, B9 ( Folic acid), B12, etc., without it, these B vitamins can not play. "

She believes that lack of vitamin B2 is often caused by severe physical energy consumption, anemia, and gastrointestinal or thyroid disease. However, it is only possible to determine if a person needs to supplement vitamin B2.

Doulina said that plants and animal products contain vitamin B2: milk and dairy products, eggs, liver and kidneys, mushrooms and nuts are rich in vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is the highest in the pine. However, light against pine may not be enough.

Doulina summary said that "considering the high calories of the pine, you can't rely on it to make up for B2's shortcomings." She added that because vitamin B2 will soon be destroyed in the case of light, so it is difficult Get it from traditional food.

She suggested that the doctor can take a single agent that helps maintain health and extend youth in the case of the doctor to determine the lack of vitamin B2.