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Wedding Feng Shui: Eleventh National Day Wedding Feng Shui Broken

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Marriage is a big event for everyone, so be careful not to make a feng shui, or you will affect the feelings of the husband and wife. Now many friends like to get married when I have celebration, then what kind of feng shui can be paid attention to when I am married in National Day? Let's take a look along with Xiaobian!

oneCustomarly in the hometownThere are wedding customs from all over the world. If it is far married, it is generally good to enter the country, and the stability of marriage is an important role in the harmony of the family. At the same time, it can also avoid the contradiction between the customs, and even evolve into a farce.

two, Marriage, stay away from the basementSince ancient times, the Chinese has lived in the place, called Yangzhai; the floor is the same as the living, called Yinhai. Therefore, the general people live in the place of sleep, should avoid the basement, underground building, not to mention the good things.

threeThe light must be brightI remember when I was young, if I was married, festive, the banquet was in progress, the light suddenly turned out, the elderly, the elders, etc. will be very uneasy, and it feels bad.

Fourth, wedding photos is a customs marriageThe wedding photo is placed on the wedding day, which is a stable role in marriage, where the place is usually placed in the northwest or southwest or bed. The wedding dress placed in the bed should be placed on the left of the bed.

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