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"Larke Kingdom" Lily Skills

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Many players in the game of Locke, I want to know [Lili], how is the pet data card, skill attribute race? The following small knitting has brought you a "Lock Kingdom" Lily Skills Tasting, and I am interested in the bus!

"Larke Kingdom" Lily Skills

Chinese name: Lily

Principal attribute: Meng

Assault: Light

Sequence number: 2280

Height: 1.6 m

Weight: 45 kg

Love: Relying on Payne

Rock Kingdom Lily Race Be

Pet name BeEnergy BeAttack BeDefense Bespeed BeMagic attack BeDemon BeSummary Be
Lily Be121 Be96 Be100 Be120 Be130 Be118 Be685 Be
Ability limit Be383 Be250 Be259 Be303 Be325 Be299 Be1819 Be

Rock Kingdom Lily Skills Table Be

Skill BeGrade BeAttributes BeTypes of BeTarget BePower BePP BeEffect Be
Magical trick BeInitial BeCute BeMagic BeEnemy Be70 Be10 BeThe attack of the attack, followed by a wonderful effect. Adding 1 (佯 佯 佯 是 主 主 主 主 主 队 队 队 力 力........ 判. 判 判 出 判. 判. 判. 判. 判 判 判.. 出. 出 出 出... 出 出 出 出 不. 不 不 不) Be
Self-intelligence BeInitial BeCute BeVariety BeOwn Be0 Be3 BeNegatively in short-term status immunity and accompanied by wonderful results. Adding 4 Be
Vulnerability BeInitial BeCute BeMagic BeEnemy Be90 Be10 BeYour move is broken! Reduce each other's magic resistance level 1. Be
Dazzling Be15 BeOptical system BeMagic BeEnemy Be100 Be10 BeThere is a chance to make the opponent into the confusion. Adding 1 first Be
Particle strike Be20 BeOptical system Bephysics BeEnemy Be55 Be15 BeGive the opponent's injury Be
Drunken dreams Be25 BeCute BeMagic BeEnemy Be100 Be5 BeA chance to make the opponent into sleep or anesthesia, and produce additional effects on opponents in sleep and anesthesia Be
Reflection shield Be30 BeCute BeVariety BeOwn Be0 Be20 BeContinued rounds to 10 Be
Gathering Be35 BeOptical system BeMagic BeEnemy Be100 Be5 BeImprove your own magic attack level 2 Be

The above is the "Lock Kingdom" Lily Skills Tasting, which is brought by 3DM Xiaobian, more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update you!