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What is the national unified Poverty Moving Day Is it on March 16th or March 8th? This is the problem of the Ant New Village Classroom March 16. You can get three villagers as a reward. Let us learn about the Ant New Village on March 16.

Love Poverty, National Unified Action Day

1. "Hand drawn hand-made poor friends" national unified action day is every year

March 16th

March 8

2. Answer:March 16th

3. Answer analysis

On March 16th is "Hand Drawing Poor Poor Partners" National Unified Action Day

In the early 1990s, mutual aids were jointly initiated by the Communist Youth League, and the National Ministry of Working Committee jointly launched, which advocated urban and rural, rich areas and poor areas, sound and disability and young children of different nations. Communication interaction, helping each other, a practical education activity of the teaching.

Every young pioneers who participate in "Hand Wire" mutual help have to pass through:

Step 1: "Let's go find a friend"

The grassroots pioneers organize the list of poor areas or have difficulty children, and organize the team members to fill in the "hand-handed friendship card" and find the small partners who need help.

Step 2: "Hand drawn hands"

The participating team members should do "five one": pay a hand to hand, good friends, write a hand hand, send a good book to the small partner (or a newspaper, one stationery), for the small partner Do a good thing, learn a new knowledge to your small partner (or new skills)

Step 3: "Hand drawn friends"

At all levels of the young pioneers should use the cold and summer holidays to visit their hands to handle their hands and participate in various practical activities and experience life.

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