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"Ghost line Tokyo" release day introduction online time introduction

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When is the ghost wire to go online?Many players don't know the specific sale day of the ghost line Tokyo. Let's take a look at the ghost line from the Hamarn Network to Tokyo Just Sales Day.

Ghost line Tokyo online time introduction

The ghost line will be available on March 25, 2022, log in to PS5, PS4, and PC platforms.

game introduction

"Ghost line: Tokyo" is a horror game that is personally directed by three real deeds, joining the new ideas and gameplay.Tokyo's population suddenly decreases, a large number of people mysterious disappearances, players will control the protagonist with mysterious power, hidden in the city's evil, and uncover the huge conspiracy behind it.

The above is the content introduced by the ghost line Tokyo online, more game related information Raiders, please pay attention to the Ranger Network, we will update the most complete content in the first time to help you understand the game, let's take a look.