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How to atone "Elden Law"? Release NPC hostility relationship

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How does the Elden law ring be atone? Some players sometimes hurt NPCs cause the task to fail to complete, and many small partners do not know how to disable hostile relationships. The following small series brings the Aldennda to release the NPC hostile relationship method, let's take a look.

Aldennda Ring Relationship Method Introduction

Go to the championship to be atone

If some NPC changes to hostile state, the hostility of NPC can be relieved using the "Star Tears" in the Lake Lake.

After the atonement, the NPC will reappear.

After the atonement, as long as it is not directly killing NPC, some NPC disappeared due to attack (no death only disappeared) will appear again, and the event related to NPC can continue.

The above is the introduction of the Elden law ring to everyone to release the NPC hostile relationship. I hope to help everyone. I want to know more about the relevant Raiders. I can continue to pay attention to the Ranger. Every day will push the latest and most All Raiders, don't miss it.