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"My Knight" March 10 gift package exchange code 2022

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My knight official will issue some exchange code for everyone to redeem a reward for everyone. Many small partners want to know what the exchange code on March 10. Today, Xiaobian brings "my knight" 3On the 10th, the gift package exchange code is a list, and I will take a look at the little partner.

>>>>My knight 2022 redemption code

"My Knight" March 10 gift package exchange code list

First, redemption code details

March 10th redemption code:Not released yet

Second, redemption

1. Click on the top right corner of the bar.Personal avatar

2, clickset up

3, click to redemption code selectionCDKeyEnter redemption code to receive reward

The above is the full content of the "My Knight" on March 10, "My Kingles", and more games, please continue to pay attention!