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"Zenly" freezing position setting method

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When using zenly, if we don't want to update your location information, you can freeze it. After opening the freezing position, your friend will not be able to see the real-time location update.So how is Zenly frozen?The following small series will introduce you to the specific setup method.

How to freeze zenly?

1. Open Zenly, as shown below, see [+], see the lower right corner avatar

2, click on the right corner of the lower right corner, as shown below, see the ghost icon

3, click the ghost icon, as shown below, see (can set the freeze mode, you can set your friends to freeze mode, will not receive any location update)

The above is the Zenly brought about Zenly to freeze the position?ZENLY freezing position setting method, more related information tutorials, please pay attention.