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Will you anger the boss recently?

real teen faith real teen faith

Will you anger the boss recently?

Topic: The following five pots raised meat soup, which one do you think is poisonous?

A: Crocodile broth

B: Peacock broth

C: Lion meat soup

D: Penguin Decoction

E: Bat Soup

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A: Annotation Boss Rate: 80%

I can only say that the boss really doesn't like you. Even if you have worked hard to keep in a state of incompections, your own method, personality, oral expression is not in the magnetic field of the boss, even if you express it, your boss is always able to pick a bone in eggs. Find you trouble. As long as you do a wrong little thing, the boss can borrow the question to play the account with you, plus colleagues, I don't want to help I will sweep to the tail, so that you can do a little or no longer, I can do it as much as possible. Don't do something wrong, don't let the boss caught your little scorpion, you can be blown out. For a long time, you may want to secretly understand why the boss doesn't like your cause?

B: Annotation boss machine rate: 60%

Recently, you have to be careful, you are still easy to step on the boss mines because you are easy to be happy. If your recent performance is very good, I have to remember not to be too proud, this will make your boss feel that you have big symptoms, you want to teach you, by the way. Some friends who choose this answer will encounter, you may just have a joke or talk about some gossip, but he is not careful by the boss, which will cause the boss to misunderstand your misunderstanding, and borrow the question Looking for your trouble, please feel a very important thing, don't love too much, you should not be repaired by the boss.

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