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real teen faith real teen faith

"It is difficult to buy four or two lives, and the immortal is difficult to break the child." In numerology, the child was a very special hour. In the middle of the communication between two days, the fate of a little difference will be completely different. And the time when the child was born, so in general, the fate is smooth and prosperous. Here is a girl who is born and the girl born when he is born with a wealthy woman who is born in the life.

The female life of the fortune in her life is born

1. Chen Shi: The sun in the morning is the brightest and energetic, and this time is also the best girl born in Chen Shi. Not only is it positive and optimistic, but its ability to adapt is also very strong. At the same time, it also has extraordinary work ability. Not only is marriage and happiness, but his career also has a difference. He is full of charm and more money.

2. At noon: We often say that some people are born with "golden keys". For women born at noon, they are very valuable. It is a bright future and a high weight. No matter which direction, there is a lot of gains.

3. Ugly time: The ancients "smelling chickens and dancing", also called chicken Ming, barren chickens, refers to between 1 and 3 am in the morning. The girl with this birthday is not born with a good life, but successfully counterattacked life with her own struggle. You can make money to give money to your husband, so marriage and family life is also happy and happy.

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