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How to use the orientation of the gossip of the day after tomorrow, how to use it

There is a certain gap between the innate gossip and the acquired gossip in essence, which is why the two are different. Congenital constraints with the acquired, and the day after tomorrow is the innate development. So how do you know the orientation of the gossip and position diagram in the gossip of the day after tomorrow? This issue of the gossip of this issue will take you to understand. Want to know "" "

We all know that the acquired gossip is an upgraded version of congenital gossip. The congenital gossip does not classify the five elements of the five elements, and the Gossip of the Gossip retains the basic attributes of the congenital gossip and adds the attributes of the five elements. What is the relationship between the five elements, coexisting together?

I want to know "" What is congenital, the gossip of the day after tomorrow

The Book of Changes contains gossip and five elements. Everything in the Book of Changes is interconnected and functional. Only by combining them to analyze things is the most comprehensive. Judging from the relationship between the five elements, the theory of the Five Elements is relatively late, which may be related to the production of bronze wares.

In the Neolithic era where Fuxi lived, it was impossible to have the theory of five elements. This can be seen from Fuxi's congenital gossip map that the innate gossip reflects the theory of yin and yang, and there is no theory of the five elements.

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